"Your One Stop Mattress Ticking Shop!"

BTS International has a wide variety of fabrics to choose from at your convenience.

Product Coming In

Every month BTS offers a selection of closeouts, discontinued patterns and slightly blemished fabrics at very low prices.  Our customers have come to appreciate these offerings because it helps them stay competitive on certain contracts and their own product offerings to entice customers to buy from them.  These goods are excellent quality goods, but we believe in the adage one companies scrap is another companies gold.


We carry Jersey Knits, Damask, Warp Knits, Stitch Bond, and a variety of specialized mattress fabrics.    BTS International conducts an annual review of the up and coming fabric designs and compositions and makes sure to make these products available to our Mattress Manufacturers Network.  Our prices our in line with market pricing, however often times we provide greater incentives to buy from us because you receive pricing that otherwise would require minimum orders and/or trailer load orders.  We provide trail load pricing with the convenience of next day delivery.


We are open 4 days a week and offer next deliver to those customers that have an on going account with us.  By offering this convenience to our customers, we give them the opportunity to work in real time and order as they need it.  Today the price to inventory product has escalated to a premium as opposed to a savings.  Utilizing our convenient warehouse you have a variety of fabric choices to interchange with in your product selection.