About Us

imagesqBTS International has been serving the mattress manufacturing industry for over 15 years. As a company we’ve been committed to providing a wide range of fabrics to our customers and continue to offer the latest in mattress ticking technology. We are unique because we cater to bedding manufacturers who require fabric patterns on an ongoing basis and we also provide a convenience to those who need fabric on demand. Because of the diverse way the industry operates amongst manufacturers, BTS has been able to find the right formula to be able to cater to large or small bedding manufacturers daily.

We work with our customers to help them maintain a consistent supply of fabrics, latex components and finishing materials such as stitch bond, taping, trim and other bedding components. Whether our customers require small or large quantities we work with them to find the best value and help remain leading edge in a very competitive marketplace. Our mandate is simple, you produce a product which is essential to consumers and we make sure that the components you buy from us are the best quality to compliment your craftsmanship.

Product Coming In is a weekly summary of the products that we’ve already committed on purchasing and is in transit. Many of our customers like to take advantage of these product offerings before they enter our warehouse. Follow this page on a weekly basis to find out if there is product that may interest you. If there is a product that does interest you, contact us to hold that product for you.